Sunday, August 7, 2011

Springbank 10 y.o.

I'm not sure what to make of this whisky. I'd bought a bottle to bring a Campbeltown-style whisky to a scotch tasting, then when I first tried it, I decided I didn't like it. Tasting it again this weekend, it's still not a favorite, but there's more to it than I first thought.

It has a pale caramel color and a nice nose (I get fruit and meadow grasses; a few drops of water adds notes of malt and seashore). The flavor is oaky, peppery, and a little peaty. But I just don't much care for the finish, the saltiness for which, I'm told, Campbeltown whiskies are noted. So it's a whisky I enjoy tasting but don't enjoy having tasted.

At this point, I still won't be in any hurry to replace the bottle when it's finished, but I'll be finishing that bottle with more appreciation and respect than I started it with.

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