Saturday, December 27, 2014

Barrel Experiment #2: Corn Whiskey

Having used a couple of bottles of what was probably some nice malt spirit to soak a lot of nasty ashtray flavors out of my 2 liter barrel, I decided to keep things moving along with some corn whiskey (or, as we call it in my family, "liquid bachelor party"). (Well, I call it "liquid bachelor party." The rest of the family doesn't talk about it at all, and my sister-in-law still gives me dirty looks.)

In any case, three jars of Georgia Moon corn whiskey ("Less than 30 days old") would fill the barrel with half a jar left over for a before-and-after tasting.

I gave it about four months, and it came out looking something like whiskey.

I went through the motions, but this was one tasting that really needed a blindfold to be completely objective.

A blind tasting.
Tasting notes:

A. Not much on the nose; hint of oak. Palate: oak & char, a little sweet. After some minutes, a hint of the wet cardboard. Not much finish, some light charred oak.

B. Nose: damp cardboard, spoiled corn. Palate has a little hint of sweetness, but mostly nothing; fairly smooth drinking, with no real finish. After some air, it became too foul to finish.

Cheese stick didn't help, didn't hurt.

Sample A was the corn whiskey aged in the barrel (can it still be labeled "corn whiskey" if aged in a charred refill?), Sample B was the corn whiskey aged in the half empty jar.

Don't age corn whiskey in a half empty jar.

(For the record, Georgia Moon straight out of a newly opened jar is a little sweet, plenty smooth, and easy if uninteresting to drink.)

Epilogue: The tasting happened in June 2014. I just re-tried a little of the barrel-aged stuff in December 2014, and it's still okay (maybe less char) if you drink it down and don't think too much about it.


  1. A tall glass of Vietnamese sweet/salty lemonade makes this usually innocuous slurp a vivid reality of what not to do on a hot day. It's a veritable mind eraser! I'll rue the day that white whiskey is sipped clean with only air as a mixer- add some sweet/tart lemonade and enjoy a bowl of pho.. all will be better soon.

    1. I'll keep that in mind. The aged stuff has a touch of the Lincoln County Process about it, so that might approach your Clever Lemonade Fizz, though I plan on trying it for real with George Dickel.