Saturday, January 5, 2013

Taking stock of the new year

I thought it would be a good idea for me to look through my liquor cabinet (and the overflow table on the other side of the room) to see what I have on hand by way of whiskey. A record will remind me of what I have (and therefore do and do not need next time I'm in a liquor store), and will also let whoever reads this know what kind of whiskey drinker I really am, when I'm not playing the "hints of white birch smoke and Javanese cardamom" know-it-all on the Internet.

And yes, of course, let me know when you can stop by for something to wash the dust from your throat.

Other American Whiskies
  • Glacier Distilling North Fork - unopened (375 ml) 
  • Roughstock Montana Pure Malt Whisky - 200 ml (transferred to a portable bottle from a summertime purchase)
Canadian Whiskies
Irish Whiskey
Single Malt Scotches
 Blended Malt Scotch
Blended Scotch
  • None!
Unaged Whiskies
  • Virginia Lightning Corn Whiskey - almost gone (and there ain't no more, I don't think, having given way to Original Moonshine)
  • Bunratty Potcheen - 1/3 full
Miniatures (including samples and infusions)
  1. The above list doesn't include the various infusions I have sloshing about in refilled bottles in the bottom of the cabinet. Not sure I know what all's in them anymore anyway.
  2. Here's the story of Black Maple Hill, if (like me) you didn't already know.
  3. Apparently, the reason I think I don't have any bourbon is because I haven't opened 3/4 of the bottles. Still, due to social media pressure I will probably buy Old Weller Antique 107 the next time I see it.
  4. I'm pretty well ryed up, though it's odd I don't have an everyday pour like Pikesville or Rittenhouse.
  5. Yes, a single open bottle each of Canadian and Irish whiskey pretty well fills the Canadian and Irish whiskey shaped holes, respectively, in my life. Would I like a Connemara or a Redbreast? Absolutely! Will I buy a bottle of either this year? Um...
  6. Eight bottle of single malt scotch, measured by shelf space, but only four measured by contents. I expect to finish all the "almost gone" and "mostly gone" bottles this year. How to restock? That's a big whiskey question for me this year.
  7. I used the last of my Famous Grouse for an ill-starred attempt at a Hogmanay infusion (about which more later, probably). I'm not sure how much of an upgrade I'll go for. Something like a Dewar's 12 yo? Or maybe just another Famous Grouse or equivalent, since blended Scotches aren't a big deal for me?
  8. I am, as you might be able to tell, indiscriminate and unapologetic in my purchase of miniatures. But I see I've been hoarding the samples I received in 2012, a bad habit I resolve to break.

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