Saturday, May 19, 2012

Clyde's of Columbia Second Annual Craft Beer Tasting and Festival

As much as I admire the single-mindedness of purpose of so many whiskey bloggers, I have to admit that I am very fond of craft beer as well as whiskey. This being American Craft Beer Week, I took advantage of a free evening to attend a craft beer festival at a nearly restaurant. The following are my very brief notes of the beers I sampled:
  • Oliver Ales Pagan Porter: very earthy finish
  • Flying Dog Sour Cherry: A sour beer; not sour cherry flavored
  • Uinta Cockeyed Cooper Barleywine: Drinkable, the first barleywine I've tried that didn't taste like a brewer's experiment
  • DuClaw Oak Aged Old Flame: The first barrel aged beer that made sense to me; the bourbon adds to the beer, it doesn't efface it
  • Heavy Seas Sea Nymph: a very drinkable blonde ale
  • Magic Hat Circus Boy: Nice citrus in an American Pale Wheat Ale
  • Magic Hat Elder Betty: A crazy berry flavor, that actually works with the beer
  • Pyramid Outburst IPA: A kick-ass IPA
  • Starr Hill Double Platinum IPA: A kick-ass IPA
  • Crispin The Saint Cider: Tastes just like apple cider, didn't pick up on the maple syrup
  • New Belgium Abbey Grand Cru: A quality dubbel
  • Peak Organic Hop Noir:  Guinness plus hops; it works
  • Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout: Serviceable stout, with added vanilla (didn't pick up on the oak chips)
  • Unibroue Blanc de Chambly: A saison, with a nice citrus note amid the sour
The biggest take-away from the evening was that now is a good time to be fond of craft beer. The second biggest take-away was that Hunter S. Thompson was right: Good people drink good beer.

Good people also play good covers of "Stormy Monday."

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