Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Twitter Reviews and Recipes

Here, more for my own future reference than anything else, are the tasting notes and cocktail recipes I tweeted in 2014.

Tasting notes:
  • .@WasmundsWhisky Copper Fox Rye: young (13 mos.), but nice rye flavor. 33% malted barley mellows & sweetens. 
  • .@BalconesWhisky Rumble. Sweet young nose, slap of spice on finish. Fine sugarjack. Or possibly brandy.
  • 888 bourbon. Wouldn't cross the street for another one (got a bit soapy on the finish), but perfectly serviceable for too-young micro.
  • Woodford Reserve has a pleasant nose, but thin on the palate. Should have stayed with @HeavySeasBeer Powder Monkey.
  • JW Dant BIB. It's no OGD BIB, but then again, what is?
  • Ran into Greenore this evening. Happy to have met it, but it seems more of a cocktail base than a neat sipper.
  • You know, Glenfiddich 12 is a perfectly good Scotch. Especially when served by a "pour 'em like you drink 'em" bartender.
  • For me, bourbon of the night last night (admittedly, a small field) was @SmoothAmbler Old Scout Single Barrel. #FathersDayIsComing
  • Also enjoyed @ReservoirDist bourbon. Mouthful of fruit, then mouthful of spices (cloves?) mostly makes up for youth. ($still nuts, though.)
  • Did I ever write up tasting notes for Two Stars Bourbon? If not, here: S'alright. Be even better if it were five bucks cheaper.
  • Dickel Rye: It's no Bulleit, but the charcoal mellowing doesn't ruin it.
  • [Follow-up to previous tweet] I was enjoying Dickel Rye a lot more before I started making tasting notes. Some things don't need to be overthought.
  • (ri)1: sweet spice, drinks a little bourbony, with a drying finish.
  • .@TempletomRye Manhattan. Thanksgiving turkey spices, for some reason.
  • Noah's Mill Sazerac. A little sweeter than I prefer, better made than I get at home. 
  • Equal parts @catoctincreek cask proof rye and homemade applejack. A Let It Snow, for when you've no place to go.
  • Diamondback (rye, apple brandy, yellow Chartreuse) is my kind of cocktail -- viz, the kind I have the ingredients for.
  • Bought undersweetened cranberry juice. What to do but make highballs w/ juice, sweet black tea, and Irish whiskey?
  • Fall Nip: 1.5 oz bourbon, 1.5 oz sweet cider, 1 oz Lillet blanc.
  • Shrub Recipe: Combine equal pts fruit, sugar, vinegar. Let stand room temp 24 hrs. Refrigerate 2 weeks, then discard.
  • Honeybuck: @sloopbetty honey, lime juice, mint bitters, ginger ale (or ginger beer)
  • Just a couple dashes of Fee Bros. mint bitters takes this whiskey, lime, & ginger ale highball well away from college bar Happy Hour.
  • Aged Vesper: 2 oz @dryflydistiller barrel reserve gin, 1 oz Lillet, 2 dash Fee Bros lemon bitters.
  • Singapore Sling w/ @catoctincreek Pearousia & pomegranate juice in place of cherry brandy & grenadine. Not too sweet.
  • Fruit Salad: 2 oz apple brandy, 1 oz Cointreau, juice of 1/2 lemon, bar spoon of grenadine.
  • Home bartenders should never be afraid to ask, "Why not?" But they'll find there's often a very good reason.
  • Run 4 the Roses: 2 oz @4RosesBourbon SB, 1 oz @kovaldistillery rose hip liqueur, 2 dashes @AngosturaUSA, cherry.
  •  The Solera Cocktail: Mix, take 3 trial sips, adjust, repeat. For the nights when you said you'd only have one drink.
  • Beyond the Rocks: 1 oz ea blended Scotch, Cherry @Heering, sweet vermouth; juice of 1/2 lime. Shake & strain.
  • Rye punch, with hot water, lemon juice, and agave nectar. Just like they drank during the Whiskey Rebellion.
  • Found a great recipe for homemade haggis. Instead of sheep lights, use pork ribs, & instead of oatmeal, use a dry rub.

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