Friday, March 21, 2014

So you want to be an NDP

MGP helpfully lists all their products on their website. Here's a table of the mashbills for the whiskeys they offer.

Whiskey Product% Corn% Barley Malt% Rye% Wheat
Bourbon (45% Wheat)514045
Bourbon (49% Barley Malt)514900
Bourbon (21% Rye)754210
Bourbon (36% Rye)604360
Bourbon (99% Corn)99100
Corn Whiskey (15% Rye)814150
Light Whiskey (99% Corn)99100
Malt Whiskey (100% Barley Malt)010000
Rye Whiskey (49% Barley Malt)049510
51% Rye Whiskey454510
95% Rye Whiskey05950
95% Wheat Whiskey05095

You can see how a blender who knew what they were doing might do some interesting things. Want a rye whiskey that's a blend of 70% rye, 20% corn, and 10% barley malt? Try 12.4% of the 49% barley malt rye whiskey, 44.4% of the 45% corn rye whiskey, and 43.2% of the 95% rye whiskey. If you weren't concerned about calling it a straight whiskey, you could probably bottle pretty close to any combination of the four grains listed.

Or you could set up like Whisky Blender, stock up on a few barrels of each, and let your customers design their own blends on a per-bottle basis. I expect most of the results would be uninspired, and I don't know what you'd do with all that light whiskey you bought just in case, but it might be fun.

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