Sunday, February 23, 2014

Jim Beam Two-Step

White Label
Nose: Smells like cheap bourbon. Not sure what that means, and now I'm wondering what I'd think of this in a blind taste test, but call it corn-wood-vanilla, with no further complexity. Something a little off, a little sour. That...that's not kim chee, is it?
Palate:Flat, no real bourbon sweetness; rye bite
Finish: Hot and sour, not terribly pleasant.Oak

A few drops of water don't help.

Black Label (visibly darker, but not much darker)
Nose: Varnish, wood
Palate: Richer & fuller than white label, similar rye & lack of sweetness
Finish: Pepper

A step up from White Label, but still nothing exceptional.

Blended: Tastes more worse than the black than better than the white. NOT a good choice to mix with birch beer, even if there's some sitting on the table right next to you.

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